About Shape Nurture Solutions

Welcome to Shape Nurture Solutions, a dedicated organisation located in Lindley, West Yorkshire. Established in 2016, we have been driven by our passion for community and creating a better future for young people. Our primary goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space where children can develop and flourish.

At Shape Nurture Solutions, we firmly believe in incorporating a community mindset to ensure the best outcomes for young people, their families, and local authorities. We understand that by working together, we can offer the necessary support and guidance needed to empower the next generation.

The company’s core values are to grow in fruits of the spirit, as we serve, play and learn. Our dedicated team strives to shape and nurture our community, fostering an environment that encourages growth and progress. We firmly believe that by investing in the potential of young people today, we can pave the way for real-life solutions and a brighter future for all.

We aim to meet our vision of being established in our field, renowned for creating environments in which children grow, thrive and soar after by embedding childcare services, enrichment hubs and out of school projects into local communities. Click here to find out more about our services.

Marcus and Zoe have been running Early Years@Shape from its inception in 2018 after successfully starting and growing the very popular Shapelindley wraparound childcare service. Marcus has a passion for seeing children progress and reach their full potential through experiences and opportunity. Community spirit are key drivers for both of us and we try to support it where and when able. We are happy to work in collaboration to facilitate children to have positive new experiences.


We offer a range of supporting family services including a day nursery, out-of-school service, and out of hours service to help parents and guardians manage life.

Enrichment Hub

A key service on offer for schools and partners seeking to embed childcare wrap-around solutions in schools to dovetail with their current operations.


Shape Nurture Solutions offer a wide range of community-led projects aimed at dealing with particular issues that affect us all – acting together as a village.

Working with us…

We are investors in people and are part of a diverse and inclusive team. We have a strong continuous professional development programme that supports employees reach and achieve their potential and personal aspirations.

We are committed to training our teams to deliver the highest standards of care.  It is our aspiration that childcare is viewed as a rewarding professions and career choice. And is recognised as a high calling with recognised benefits for the integral role it plays in our communities today.

We champion apprenticeships as a route into the industry and offer work experience and intern opportunities to students at school, college and university.

A key part of our model is to work alongside other local community businesses and enterprises. If you believe you have a service to offer that would help set us apart please get in contact with us.

For further information about our up and coming vacancies, training opportunities and partnership working please visit our Facebook page.

Meet The Team

Managers, Learning Co -ordinator, Wellbeing co-ordinators, Teachers and a highly skilled team of practitioners and playworkers. We understand that we need a range of expertise to deal with the diverse needs of the children we care for. Our unique blend of roles offers this at all levels of care.

Zoe Davy

Manager of Nursery

Zoe is committed to seeing that children are secure in their understanding to enable them to move on to the next step in their development. Zoe understands that a child has over 100 ways to communicate and express themselves and it’s our job to listen to them and reciprocate. She believes that by adopting the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning, children develop a strong sense of who they are and what they can do.

Marcus Davy

Out of School Programme Manager

Marcus, owner and founder of Shape Lindley CIC has spent the past 10 years building a community provision. He champions the communities he is placed in to strive for better outcomes for children and families. His experience of working in diverse communities extends beyond out of school provision to youth work, education, special educational needs, early years and further education engagement. Marcus brings the creativity, knowledge, and energy to challenges he is involved in. His honesty, ability to look at things objectively and desire to be part of the solution makes him a key asset within projects he is managing. He believes that children should be enabled through a plethora of fun and engaging activities to reach their potential in a safe environment.

Learning Co-Ordinator

Oversees the progress of children’s learning and development. Initiates and monitors intervention for children who need support, they work closely with children and practitioners to formulate a curriculum that supports children to thrive.

Teacher in Early Years

Takes groups of children out for learning activities, children will call it learning time (although everything about the early years’ time is learning). They take steps to get ready for school through introductions to being in a school environment to help them transition into their next phase of education. We work alongside children to subitise and sequence stories amongst other skills

Key Worker

Makes the most important connection with your child. They are the point person for any questions or queries about your child and they are the ones who will be implementing the care needs and development needs that will see your child soar in this setting. Our key workers are all approachable and love to speak to parents about their particular child in person or over our secure inhouse app. They will ensure that the settling in process is as smooth as possible as well as updating you on the day they have had through our app and doing observations to celebrate their progress with you.


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