Kirklees Schools Out Project

We are in partnership with Kirklees Council, delivering HAF Schools Out holiday programme during the school breaks. We provide activities and experiences for children to enjoy through the school holidays and also provide a nutritious, healthy lunch, with considerations made for dietary needs.

We love providing this service for the community, as it allows children (primary school age generally) to make new friends and also to have something to talk about when they go back into school. We have given the children the opportunity to access a wide range of things from circus performers to Lego master builders, to artists and athletes.

We are at our happiest when we hear children laughing and engaging in an activity, it makes it all worthwhile. Please click here to book your child in for a session. Eligibility criteria applicable.

Food plays an integral part in bringing communities together. We have such a rich and diverse community, with a vast set of culinary skills and knowledge. We have set ourselves the challenge of meeting together to explore popular international meals from across the globe. You might want to try making an authentic Italian dish or spice up your meal plan with a cool Caribbean classic. There is just so much to explore.

If you would like to be involved in one or all of our cooking sessions held throughout the year, please sign up on our bookings page.

We also know that children enjoy the benefits of cooking and baking, and as part of this initiative we will be running cookery classes for children through our Cookery Hub during the Holidays.

A key element of the program is to touch the lives of those most in need. Twice a year we hold an international ‘cook up’ and invite families from across the district to sample our favourites, we send them home with ingredient tubs and information on how to make meals on a budget.

Promoting fresh healthy meals and knowing what is in our food is a key aim of the project. If you are a local allotment holder, food supplier, school or business who is looking to make a difference through corporate social responsibility we would be interested in working in partnership with you. Please get in touch at

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